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The Evolution of Kung Fu

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The Evolution of Kickboxing

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Oversea WutanUK classes:

[kickboxingWutan in Edmontonnew-forest kickboxing

[kickboxingWutan in Norwaynew-forest kickboxing

[kickboxingWutan in Portugalnew-forest kickboxing

[kickboxingWutan in Swedennew-forest kickboxing

At Wutan New Forest many students have come to learn Tai Chi, a slow-moving martial art which has many health benefits including increased flexibility, co-ordination, posture and balance.  Others have come to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu which is an effective short range fighting system, whilst the more competitive student has come to learn the exciting techniques of Chinese Kickboxing.

A comprehensive and objective syllabus is taught at each level with opportunities to progress.  From the very first class, the student will always have something to practice, something to improve and something to do.  Martial art is a great way to meet people and make friends.  The body and mind is occupied in a rewarding and worthwhile pursuit.















Laurence Chapman

Chief Instructor of Chinese Martial Arts at Wutan New Forest

British and European Chinese Martial Art Judge since 2000

Formal (Indoor) Student of Master Wu Song Fa, Malaysia

Over 10 years teaching experience


























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